Sustainable Development In Asia

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Economic growth policies in Asia have affected the use and availability of natural resources contributing to environmental degradation. Yet these same policies led to elevated growth and a dramatic fall in poverty. Countries are trying to figure out how to maintain growth strong but in a way that responsibly manages natural resources and takes decent care of the environment. Continuing to aim just for the biggest possible short-term growth is not viable, and governments have long understood the need for more sustainable development. 

But to convert these objectives into actions, a rethink is required on how economic growth is assessed and perceived other than fully in terms of physical output. To tackle the arising development challenges facing the region, policymakers, and crucially policy advice, require to utilize measures of sustainable development.  


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How Sustainable Finance is Reshaping Asia?


Government in Asia’s powerful economies are leading concerted undertakings to grow sustainable finance. Major institutions and governments are running market-building efforts around other instruments, such as green bonds and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing. Novel mechanisms are being pioneered in Asia, while innovative techniques from other markets are being pertained here at scale. Across the region, asset managers are leading the charge in incorporating sustainability into the core of their investment models, often in novel ways. 

Multilateral and bilateral development banks require to make a solid case with client governments that investing in projects that will boost sustainable development will, far from impeding growth, give powerful support for lasting growth.


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Challenges of Implementing Sustainable Development Goals in Asia


Several systemic obstacles are there such as the availability and dependability of data; absence of political will; weak capacity and technical know-how; insufficient mechanisms, structures to recognize financial opportunities, and access available financial resources.


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