How Real Are Virtual Events?

  • 21st Jul'20
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The virtual world is like dreaming with your open eyes. It feels like walking in someone else’s shoes. It used to be an imagination, a dream for mankind to make virtual things possible. But now, everything is there, on your computer/mobile phone screen. It has now become a common medium to experience things that you do not have physical access to.

With a rapid revolution in the technology world, life has become much easier. In this time of the pandemic, life would have been impossible if there was no help of the virtual world. Entertainment, food recipes, meeting your people and what not! This virtual platform made everything possible. 

Life is all about events and happenings. During this global lockdown and COVID-19 pandemic, the global population was packed in their house, bored with no source of enjoyment. All the 2020 events like IPL, were cancelled or postponed.


The escape: Virtual Events


To help people out, the events of 2020 used virtual events platform. A marriage ceremony, family celebrations, music concerts and many other events made their space on virtual event platform. Read the article to understand the trends of virtual events:


How to organise virtual events?


There is a lot that goes into organising an event virtually also. A virtual event also needs to be well-planned and thought through.

To read how we can organise virtual events, visit :


Some of the virtual events that happened all over the world are:


Read this article to understand the types of events that can be conducted virtually:


Virtual Event Platforms


Also, this gave the opportunity to technology players. They developed several new virtual event platforms for the public and made their way into the startup world. Here is a list of some of the new virtual platforms of 2020 :



Future of events


As the fear of COVID-19 has entered every house, it won’t let anyone freely enjoy an event in recent times. People across the globe will avoid crowded places and gatherings. This will ultimately lead to virtual events being organized in most of the cases. 

Read the article to understand if virtual events can be an alternative to physical events?



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